Agriculture sector

Replacement of wheels and rails of marine towers


Our client’s grain terminal has three marine towers that are responsible for unloading grain from lakers vessels and bringing the grain into the facility. Each marine tower is supported by 40 wheels. The towers can move on rails to align with the different holds of the ship.

This project includes three phases over 3-4 years to replace the wheels and rails of the marine towers and electrical modernization.

As Teknema has expertise in construction management and a vast knowledge of health and safety procedures outlined by the CNESST, Teknema was able to make sure that there were no accidents or personal injuries throughout the entirety of the project.

For this project, Teknema acted as the communication link between the various subcontractor implemented on the project and the client. Two site meetings animated daily by Teknema to discuss the work progress and if there were any complications that arose during the day.



  • Subcontractor management and progress monitoring
  • Control of materials upon receipt
  • Control of the quality of installation of materials and the execution of the workmanship
  • Planning, supervision and coordination of the works until commissioning


  • Assistance in all projects to ensure that the Health and Safety of  personnel and facilities is optimal


  • Teknema provides the client with resources that can act as maintenance supervisor, maintenance project manager, construction superintendent and site supervisor.

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